- May 2018 : a workshop on soil was held in Tulln

- November 2017 : Bordeaux Sciences Agro and Vitinnov organized two days of conferences dealing with agro-ecology. The first day (14th of November 2017) was focussed on the soil ecology in vineyards, with two presentations of the PromESSinG project, the second day (15th of November, 2017) was more oriented on landscape management. The conference papers are available here.


- 2 presentations accepted ; one concerning first results collected in France about spiders and carabids (abstract) for Rencontres d'Ecologie du Paysage (https://colloque.inra.fr/rep2017/) and the other one with carabids accross Europe in Ecology Accross Borders (http://www.britishecologicalsociety.org/events/annual-meeting-2017/) in December in Ghent (abstract).

Project extension
Good news! Thanks to Biodiversa and the lobbying of our coordinator Ilona Leyer, we managed to get an extension of the project for almost another year until November 30, 2018. This will allow us to have another year of common data analyses and dissemination activites to wine-growers across 5 European countries.


- Deborah joined the French PromESSinG team for a six-months internship. She will focus on biodiversity and ecosystem service measurements, and more particularly on Aranea communities. The end of project’s earthworms monitoring on the French sites was led in the beginning of march !


- A workshop on multivariate statistics organized by the German team headed by Ilona Leyer was held on 14-15 March 2017 at Geisenheim University, Germany. Now we are fit for analyzing our huge amount of multivariate data !


- 22th-23th of November 2016: the third progress meeting took place at BOKU, Austria

- October 2016: Promessing project received award as an "Excellent Project of the UN Decade on Biodiversity" The UN Decade on Biodiversity (2011-2020) aims at halting the loss of biodiversity wordwide and at creating public awareness about the value of biodiversity. The German programme of the UN-Decade wants to involve more people in the conservation of biological diversity and focuses on the acknowledgement of outstanding and examplary projects. In this context our project was awarded as an "Excellent project of the UN Decade on Biodiversity". On October 17, in the framework of the Student Welcome Day of Geisenheim University, the mayor of Geisenheim has awarded the title and we had the opportunity to introduce the project and specifically the importance of biodiversity and ecosystem services in agricultural systems to the students of Geisenheim as well as to the regional media.


The mayor of Geisenheim (left side) handed over the prize to the German project team, Deniz Uzman, Ilona Leyer, Annette Reineke and Martin Pingel during the Student Welcome Day of Geisenheim University.


The project team introduced the project to the first semester students studying e.g. viticulture, horticulture and landscape architecture.


- June 2016: Switzerland - Mervi Laitinen is seiving soil samples in the lab.

- June 2016: Third newsletter of the french team.
See the first newsletter here


- June 2016: Switzerland, DNA was extracted in the lab from soil samples directly after soil sampling. (From left to right Sven, Susan, Franziska, Magdalena and Andrew).


- May 2016: Our experimental fields and surrounding viticultural landscape are presented best from the birds perspective: The german team used a flying camera drone to get impressions from above. The yellow lines display the margins of our experimental field in Jugenheim, Rhine Hesse (Germany). Fotos taken by Prof. Dr. Max Schröder, Geisenheim University.


- May 2016: Switzerland, Small soil invertebrates were extracetd from soil samples by using a Berlese apparatus.


- May 2016: Switzerland, the seedcards were installed in the field.

- May 2016: Second newsletter of the french team.
See the first newsletter here


- May 2016: Virginie joined the french PromESSing team for her six-months intership. She will focus on social and economic aspect, particularly on the decision processes wine-growers apply, and how biodiversity and ecosystem services are taken into account.


- May 2016: Switzerland, We measure the chlorophyll content of the wine leaves as a function of plant performance.


- May 2016: Switzerland, Franziska Keller and Andrew Brown are estimating vegetation cover early in the season.

- April 2016: The French team launched its first newsletter in order to inform wine-growers and other partners about their progress on the PromESSinG project. See the first newsletter here


- March 2016: Marion and Noémie joined the french PromESSinG team for their six-months internship. Marion (up) will focus on meso-fauna analyses while Noémie (down) will identify carabid beetles.

- 3rd March 2016: The PromESSinG project was presented to the Saint-Emilion wine-growers during the annual meeting of the GDON du Libournais. See the promessing first results here


- 18th February 2016: The second Progress Meeting took place at Bordeaux Sciences Agro.


- 28-30 October 2015: PromESSinG Meeting in Fribourg, Switzerland.


- July 2015: Anne-Laure Fragnière, Magdalena Steiner and Andrew Brown are maintaining the soil treatment in the swiss vineyards.


- July 2015: Switzerland, Sven Bacher is taking soil samples for DNA extraction and respiration measurements in an alternating treatment plot.


- May 2015: Switzerland, Mervi and Franziska are installing the seedcards in the field.


- June 2015: earthworms sorting out at Bordeaux Sciences Agro !


- April 2015: Flora analyses in Saint Emilion.

- 29th April 2015, Paris: Ilona Leyer took part to the kick-off meeting of the BiodivERsA/FACCE-JPI joint call.
See the presentation here

Kick-Off Meeting

- PromESSinG KOM: The Kick-Off Meeting took place from february 9 to february 11 at Hochschule Geisenheim University.